Complete Roof Restoration System

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Roof Restoration is the process of using a highly-engineered coating to restore and rejuvenate the existing roof to a like-new condition, significantly extending the life of your roof. It is used on Metal, Built-Up (smooth or gravel), Modified Bitumen, EPDM, TPO, PVC, Hypalon, and even some SPF foam methods. A fabric-reinforced coating system is considered a major “repair” of your roof, will generally cost you less than half of alternative roof replacement methods, and last you just as long.

Reasons why Roof Restoration has an advantage over the other options on the market


Our elastomeric acrylic roof coating with poly-fiber cloth mat reinforcement system does not overload the existing roof structure. Therefore it is not necessary to tear-off the old roofing, which eliminates costly down-time during the restoration process. It also allows for additional roof coating reinforcement layers to be added in the future, enabling our systematic approach to work indefinitely.


Our elastomeric coating system easily conforms to any surface following the contours of every type of roof, including everything from standing-seam metal to rough built-up surfaces that had been covered with gravel. Unlike fiberglass reinforcement used in most built-up roofs, our system uses a special stitch-bonded polyester mat that does not turn brittle as the roof ages. It stays flexible and moves with the roof surface throughout all seasons.

Fully Reinforced

Unlike most spray-on roof applications, which alone cannot hold together and endure the constant expansion/contraction and roof movement over extended time without cracking and premature failure…Our roofing system is fully reinforced with a stitch-bonded polycloth mat embedded into the elastomeric acrylic base-coating or cold-applied elastic base sealer (depending on type and condition of the existing roof substrate) in order to gain maximum adhesion and ensure long-term performance results.

Fully Adhered and Multi-Layered

Our composite system works with the same principle as the traditional built-up asphalt roof which has a track record of over 150 years as a proven roof (with some roofs lasting as long as 75 years), but utilizes the latest advances in acrylic technology and elastomerics in the industry, combined with a lightweight but strong stitch-bond polyester mat.

This system is fully adhered to the existing roof surface with multiple layers of protection, eliminating the possibility of water entering in one area and then “running” to another area of the roof (increasing the damage area from the leak). Roof coverings that are not fully adhered are subject not only to wind damage but also to condensation build up in between roof layers which in time causes severe damage.


One of the best advantages our system has is that it is easily maintained. No expensive heat welding guns, etc. are necessary to make repairs around new stacks or a/c systems installed after the restoration is complete. Unlike most single ply systems, our composite system does not need special walkways installed to protect it from foot traffic and does not easily puncture from hail or items being dropped on it. Nevertheless, if for some reason it does puncture, it is easily and quickly repaired (no special tools required). With simple proper care, our maintainable roof system should be the last system you ever need to try.

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Our ENERGY STAR® reflective roof coating is extremely valuable in that it reflects more harmful UV rays away from the roof surface than unqualified products, and our white roofs stay naturally cooler, cooling the entire roof’s surface temperature and protecting the roof overall. ENERGY STAR® qualified roof products can lower roof surface temperature dramatically, decreasing the amount of heat transferred into a building, thus helping reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in buildings, reducing peak cooling demand significantly, and saving building owners up to 30% in cooling costs annually. This provides our customers a terrific Return On Investment (ROI) as our roof system can literally pay for itself in energy savings well within the warranty period.

Our roofing system is more Energy Efficient and Environmentally Responsible than alternative roofing approaches, namely those often unnecessary tear-offs and re-roofing methods. Our system eliminates the need for tear-off, which reduces the amount of waste that is added to our landfills. Our customers may also qualify for the federal government’s new “green” tax credits and rebates – earmarked for energy-efficient projects.

Better Guarantee

Some companies may offer a 20 year or more warranty on their roof, but you need to carefully read the fine print. Oftentimes, Only the material is under warranty while the installation/labor is usually only covered for a few years… and when things start going wrong, usually due to faulty installation or a lack of maintenance, the manufacturer blames the installer, the installer blames the manufacturer and unfortunately the Customer is usually left to pay for costly repairs or a new roof altogether. Our material And our labor are included for the duration of the contract and All of our warranties are extendable and transferrable. We would be glad to service your roof indefinitely. Please contact us for more information and to schedule your free roof consultation and analysis.