Roof Maintenance

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50,000 Miles without an oil change?

Most of us would never think of waiting that long to change the oil in our vehicle. Going months and years without servicing for your roof is just as dangerous. Most people never think about their roof until it leaks or needs replacement. This approach is like changing the oil in your car after you start having engine problems. The damage has occurred and an expensive repair may may be the only solution.


The GOAL 1 ROOF RESPONSE MAINTENANCE Personnel will regularly inspect your roof, and expertly repair minor problems before they become major issues.

GOAL 1 ROOF RESPONSE Aftercare: Maintenance Program

  • On-going leak spot repairs performed as necessary at time of check-up (included in our Roof Maintenance Program Contract).
  • Quarterly or Semi-annual maintenance check-ups.
  • Disposal of accumulated debris.
  • Caulking, coating and resealing of pitch pans and all flashing conditions in need of repair.
  • Metal copings which loosen in the wind are refastened and secured.
  • Attention given to expansion joint covers in need of regular maintenance and repair.
  • Drains, gutters, downspouts cleared to ensure proper flow/functionality in order to prevent rooftop ponding.
  • Priority service for roof emergencies (Emergency Repair Teams available 24/7/365).


GOAL 1 ROOF RESPONSE has a fully staffed repair and maintenance team that makes roof repairs each and every day. In addition to their constant immersion in the repair environment, they undergo regular training and keep up-to-date on the newest and most effective tools and repair techniques available. With regular inspections and maintenance we can find and fix small things before they become big and expensive replacements.

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