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Don’t Replace Your Roof – RESTORE IT!

Solving potential roof problems using Roof Restoration can sidestep costly roof replacements–and make your job easier. Replacing a roof can bring a host of concerns and potential trouble areas: repair costs, odor and fumes, building downtime, long write-off periods, safety concerns for workers and contractors, debris removal, weather, lost customers, etc. When it comes to roof care, the risks can be both abundant and daunting.

Fortunately, roof restoration can save you from many of the biggest pitfalls or re-roofing. Roof restoration, which includes conducting necessary repairs and maintenance and installing restorative and protective roof materials, is a faster, safer, easier and less costly alternative than roof replacement.

Double the Life Of Your Roof

Extending the life of your roof by restoring it is one of the smartest decisions a building owner, facility manager or property manager can make. Installing roof restoration systems can provide impressive increases in roof life expectancy, almost doubling the life expectancy of most roof substrates.

Substantial Project Savings

Roof restoration is extremely cost effective compared to replacing a roof. Further, you don’t have to sacrifice performance. Most roof failures occur in less than 10% of the overall roof area. Yet amazingly, every day roofing materials in perfectly good working condition are torn off, tossed away into our already overflowing landfills, and needlessly replaced entirely.

This throw-it-out and get-rid-of-it approach has long been seen as a “proper” way to ensure a roofing problem has been solved. But the costs to replace a roof rather than restoring it are strikingly high, especially considering the service life. Most building operation budgets do not adequately support tear-offs and replacement. With an abundance of risks, disruptions and costs, successful building managers are looking for better alternatives like roof restoration.

Clearly the cost of a tear-off or roof replacement is significantly higher than restoring the roof. Further, the costs for a restoration system come from annual operating expenses, whereas a complete replacement method is typically classified as a capital project. Roof restorations may be fully tax deductible in the first year, whereas a new roof is considered a capital asset and must be amortized over a 39-year life. Our GOAL 1 ROOF RESPONSE professionals are eager for the opportunity to discuss sound roof restoration decisions together saving you time, energy, and money.

The Advantages of Restoration

So there are many reasons to restore a roof. Consider these:

  • Financial! Restoring is very cost effective compared to replacement and totally deductible in year work is done. No need to amortize cost over 39 years according to current IRS law.
  • There are no lateral pathways for water to travel.
  • There is minimal noise and disruption to the business.
  • Fast application and work-site congestion – less work than a tear off and reroof.
  • Less dust and debris in the building – critical in plants and processing facilities, etc.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive tear-off and haul away.
  • Easy and affordable repair and renewal.
  • A terrific Return On Investment (ROI). Our fabric-reinforced, ENERGY STAR®-rated Roof Restoration Coating System can literally pay for itself in energy savings well within the warranty period.